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F1 Singapore night race

Around 2 weeks ago in the state of Singapore, lights lit up for the annual event that only singapore has, the F1 night race. I got a very very expensive seat thanks to my parents :), It was my third F1 race (all have been in Singapore). It wasn’t the night race that excited me the most, it was the activities that you could do when not watching the race. One of them was concerts, the semi famous artists came on stage: Daughtry,Adam Lambert,Sean Kingston and Mariah Carey. Sadly I only went to one of them. (Daughtry) When the race started and the 5 illuminating lights went out the cars were roaring through the city streets of Singapore. So many cars did not make it to the finishing line, and because of that Massa went up from 24th place to 10th on the grid. The winners were Alonso,Vettel,then Webber.



Yesterday, Linkin Park released the second music video for their new album A Thousand Suns.This video had to go against The Catalyst which is a very good one. My first impressions were…… whoah so New dividish with less color. Then the mood goes in with the video and i got sucked into it. It was an amazing feeling because you could feel the words speaking to you and making this electronic vibe that I cannot explain………
Watch the video now:


First blog post..

First things first, my name is Faris, I live in Singapore, blah blah blja. It is cool too have a little bloggy thing to share my thoughts around, so i will be doing it quite often :). By the way you will see a lot ( I really mean A LOT) of news about the American rockband called Linkin Park (because theyzz are my favs of all time!). You will also hear about videos from the youtube channels: TheFnMs, Extraordinarykoalas and my own farisasyraaf. Well that is it i guess.


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